Persian typing: online Farsi keyboard

For studying, writing, and talking in Farsi (Persian), especially in nations where the language is spoken, the Farsi Keyboard online is a fantastic and exceptional keyboard. For Persian writers who enjoy typing Farsi characters on their keyboard, the Persian Keyboard of the website is incredibly simple and easy to use.

The Farsi keyboard vs arabic


The Arabic keyboard and Farsi are extremely similar. However, there are two significant problems: the four additional Persian characters, and the requirement for the "half space" function for a well-edited Persian message.

We had to press and hold another letter while waiting for a window to appear so we could drag our finger on it and view the further four letters in our alphabet on the screen in order to write them. In Persian, the letters are combined to form words. There are certain words that we create by fusing two words. These compound words need to be close by but unconnected.

The difference between Persian and Arabic language

Although Arabic and Persian are very distinct, they share a similar alphabet, a similar vocabulary (almost all of which is transferred from Arabic to Persian), and relations to Islam. There are several similarities between English and French.

The Persian and Arabic alphabets

Each letter of the Persian and Arabic alphabets may be found here. Persian includes 4 letters, which are indicated below, in addition to every letter found in Arabic. The pronunciation guide is for the Tehrani/Shirazi dialects of Persian, which are the most often taught.

alphabets Arabic/Persian
ا In both
ب In both
ء In both
پ In Persian only
ت In both
ث In both
ج In both
چ In Persian only
ح In both
خ In both
د In both
ذ In both
ر In both
ز In both
ص In both
ض In both
ش In both
ط In both
ظ In both
ع In both
غ In both
ف In both
ق In both
ک In both
گ In Persian only
ل In both
هٔ In Persian only
م In both
ن In both
و In both
ه In both
ی In both
ؤ In both
ئ In both